FUTURE (Families United Toward Universal Respect) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 that teaches a strong organizational model to organize and educate women in various countries around the world. All aspects of our program are non-political, non-religion specific and respectful of all cultures and religions.


FUTURE has 4 main areas that we have created and facilitated, which are:


  1. Media and entertainment which promote and teach media to women internationally to produce and showcase their successes through production.
    1. This is our fourth year to produce The Nashville Connection - Heroes Salute that promotes our causes through music, arts, entertainment and patriotism for "The best mix in America!" This production gives a huge leg up in the music business for singers and songwriters, benefits our military, and promotes FUTURE's causes. Click here to watch a story FOX news did on The Nashville Connection.
    2. FUTURE Presents the Inaugural “East- West Connection: VOICES for1”, an international music event with top singers and songwriters from both the East and the West and where aspiring artists come together through the universal language of music to unite and perform with one voice and to promote reconciliation and unity.
  2. "Hugs for Healing" flights for the Gold Star Moms and Wives. Those who have lost their children and spouses in war visit other women in our organization in Iraq who have also lost their children). We hold memorial services and leadership seminars and service projects for reconciliation and nation building in order to hug, heal, and communicate. Click here to learn more about our Gold Star Moms & Wives.
  3. FUTURE's organizational model and "Sharing The World of Sisterhood" conferences with women from the US and the Middle East working together with workshops, educational platforms, and cultural exchanges. Click here to take a look at a story done by CBN news on "Sharing The World of Sisterhood."
  4. Future Care Humanitarian aid program that partners with other NGO's to assist our women's organization to promote voluntarism, and service, and self reliance.


FUTURE is currently assisting the Iraqi non-governmental organization,"Women for FUTURE - Iraq", to implement the FUTURE organizational model in their country. Representatives of FUTURE and "Women for FUTURE - Iraq" have also taught the organizational model to women in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq.


FUTURE is funded by contributions from corporations, businesses, foundations, and private individuals. FUTURE also accepts donations in the form of humanitarian aid and facilitates the delivery and distribution of this aid to needing women and their families.


The founders of FUTURE, Joan and Fareed Betros, started the organization as a result of their experiences and service in Iraq since 2003. Joan has over 35 years experience in broadcasting and the entertainment field. Her medium is television, radio, network news, live production, documentaries and motion pictures. She specializes in family television and educational programming. Joan worked as Director of Women and Children's Family Television Programming for the Iraq Media Network. Fareed is a Colonel (Retired) in the US Army Reserves and served in both military and civilian positions inside Iraq as a senior Middle East advisor and senior project manager supporting reconstruction efforts in Iraq. FUTURE is made up of volunteers from across the US who contribute their time and talents to bring the chance for a brighter future to others.


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