The FUTURE Care Program is a service that provides humanitarian aid items sent from neighborhoods in the United States to neighborhoods in Iraq and are organized, assembled, and distributed through the "Women for Future - Iraq" organization. This program uses the model of voluntarism and promotes ownership, problem solving, self-reliance, and community building in a non-threatening manner. Through the "Family Guide" program, "Women for Future - Iraq" will identify neighborhoods and communities with their specific needs. FUTURE will then coordinate the collection and shipment of humanitarian aid tailored to meet those needs. Click on how can I help.

















FUTURE in partnership with "OPERATION GIVE", a U.S. based non-profit organization, www.OperationGive.org, will store and transport humanitarian aid to Baghdad, Iraq. The items will then be distributed through the "Women for Future - Iraq" organization and will ensure that this aid is received by the intended recipients. To begin this process, many needs of the Iraqi women have previously been identified through feedback received from the visiting Iraqi women delegates during our previous leadership conferences in the United States. These items include supplies for assembling new born kits, personal hygiene kits, school kits, and other needs. This highly organized effort will ensure that the intended recipients get the supplies designated for them. This is accomplished because each container of goods will be earmarked for a particular neighborhood and community and can be easily tracked. The leadership of "Women for Future - Iraq" is excited about this strong organizational model that promotes accountability and service.


Future Care Humanitarian Aid Kits


School Kit


  •     1 Pair Blunt End Scissors
  •     450 Pages of Lined 8.5 X11 or 8X11 Paper Spiral or Glue Bound (up to 6 pads)
  •     1 Ruler - 30 cm/12 inch maximum
  •     1 Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
  •     4 Pencils with Erasers
  •     1 (1 X 2.5) Rectangular Eraser
  •     1 Box of 12 Colored Pencils
  •     2 14 X 18 Pieces of Rectangular Shaped Fabric (Canvas Type) to make School Bags


Hygiene Kit


  •     4 Tooth Brushes
  •     1 Tube of Toothpaste (6-8 ounces), No Pumps
  •     2 Bars of Bath Size Soap
  •     2 Unbreakable Combs
  •     2 Hand Towels
  •     Zip Lock Bag


New Born Kit


  •     4 100% Cotton Cloth Diapers
  •     4 Plastic Diaper Pins
  •     1 Gown (Footless)
  •     1 Pair of Baby Socks or Booties
  •     2 Bars of Ivory or Non-Allergenic Soap
  •     2 Baby Wash Cloths
  •     Fleece or Double Cotton Flannel to Make Baby Blanket

* In May 2009, this young man was a recipient of the humanitarian aid through the FUTURE Care Program. Items were distributed to needy women and their families located in different districts within Baghdad and to other members in several cities outside Baghdad.



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