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Inaugural Hugs for Healing Flight to Iraq for the
Gold Star Moms
Sep 2010

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FUTURE presents in collaboration with Dave Brooks, CEO of DB Artist Development and the Vocal Teacher Studios, and Phillip Mikula, CEO of Dream Group Productions,
"The Nashville Connection--Heroes Salute" to support our veterans and their families through music, entertainment, the arts, and patriotism for "The best mix in America!" For more information please click here.

FUTURE also supports our Gold Star Moms and Wives with "Hugs For Healing Flights" to Iraq to hug, heal and communicate with FUTURE's in-country organization "Women for Future-Iraq". This is an unprecedented event that advances reconciliation and nation building through the power of women initiatives, service, and international cooperation. For more information please click here.

FUTURE is a non-profit, 501(c) 3, organization that supports women in other countries and teaches them an organizational model based on volunteerism that promotes self-reliance, networking, community service and unity of the family. FUTURE also supports the women by assisting them to establish, sustain, and grow their own volunteer networks.

FUTURE has taught a group of Iraqi women this organizational model and has assisted them to form their own organization based on volunteerism called "Women for Future—Iraq." These grass roots efforts have been taking place in Iraq since May 2006 and have resulted in improved leadership skills for the Iraqi women, development of a sense of ownership, increased self-reliance, creation of stronger family relationships, and the building of humanitarian aid and business networks. At the core of this program is the volunteer based, organizational model that brings women together to assist one another with resources, ideas, and support in order to solve problems in their homes and neighborhoods leading to a more stable and peaceful Iraq.

The Iraqi women are excited about their organization, and they have achieved much.
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