FUTURE (Families United Toward Universal Respect) uses a reverse hierarchical model or "bottom-up" approach to organize women on local, district and national levels.


Local Level: Connecting a Community


At the grass-roots level, women volunteer to work together as "family guides" to support designated families in their neighborhoods. Family guides make home visits at least once a month to identify needs, offer emotional support, and provide relevant instruction. Participating families not only receive guidance, but can also become the solutions for others in their neighborhoods, depending on their talents and resources. Family guides report to a local-level leadership team who connect them into a larger network, either at the district-level or nationally, when problems cannot be solved locally.


District Level: Women's Centers


At the district level, centers are set up to provide a location for training, developing educational courses, and general administration. These centers also become a hub for networking, coordinating outreach programs, and, in coordination with the national-level leadership team, establishing partnerships with other national and international aid organizations. District-level leadership teams are headquartered at each center. They oversee activities at the center and communicate with other centers regarding their needs, successes, and resources.


National Level: Leading and Sustaining a Vast Network of Women


A national-level leadership team presides over the entire organization. They visit the district-level centers, ensure consistent application of the model at all levels of the organization, and interface with governmental and non-governmental bodies to advocate for the women and families of their nation.

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