FUTURE (Families United Toward Universal Respect) is assisting the Iraqi organization,Women for Future-- Iraq to develop, restore, and unify their communities through focus on the family. These efforts are taking place at the grass roots level of Iraqi society and seek to strengthen families and unite multi-ethnic communities Women for Future -- Iraq is also dedicated to strengthening family bonds and unifying communities by nurturing, educating, and sustaining the women, children, and families of Iraq and uses FUTURE organizational model based on voluntarism. These goals are being achieved by providing an organizational model to heal the nation, provide home based educational programs, establish resource centers, and project media outreach.


FUTURE has four principal areas of focus in assisting "Women for Future - Iraq:"

A Model to Heal the Nation

With offices established in Baghdad and Sulaimaniyah, "Women for Future - Iraq" leaders have formed local support networks of women volunteers in neighborhoods and villages.


These networks promote collective problem-solving on a grass-roots level and provide an effective way to distribute necessary aid and information.


FUTURE is providing "Women for Future-Iraq" with ongoing advice and guidance in building their organizational structure through distance and on-site training.


Women's conferences are an essential element in our training plan, as they include events such as refresher training courses, problem-solving sessions, family guide training and media outreach workshops.

Family-Based Education

"To heal our nation, we must heal our families, and the women are the key." --Siham, Member of "Women for Future - Iraq"


FUTURE the "Hugs for Healing" program. The program is designed to bring American women and their families together with Iraqi women to provide a safe and healing environment to comfort mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters who have suffered the loss of a loved one.


FUTURE provides a basic format of instruction that assists parents in strengthening their families within the framework of their own religion and culture. This program is available to families through "Women for Future - Iraq."


This program instructs parents to set aside a specific time each week to spend time with their children and engage in enriching activities. This program promotes:


  • Home management
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family unity
  • Self-confidence, character, and social skills in children

Women for Future Centers

FUTURE's goal is to assist "Women for Future - Iraq" in expanding the national office in Baghdad and setting up two province-level Women for Future Centers in Kurdistan and one center in southern Iraq.


Our joint goal is to establish a Women for Future Center in each of Iraq's 18 provinces within the next three years.



Women for Future Centers will play a key structural role in the organization, as they provide a location for:


  • Instruction on all aspects of the organizational model
  • Organizational and family leadership training
  • Developing and demonstrating educational materials
  • Coordinating outreach programs
  • Establishing partnerships with national and international aid organizations



Media Outreach

FUTURE supports development of indigenous family television and radio programming for Iraqi women and their families to promote Women for Future - Iraq activities and showcase its successes.


Below is an example of Iraqi children's television programming called "Liqra' Ma'na" (Let's Read Together), which is currently in pre-production.


Media outreach plan includes:

  • Acquiring access to the Iraqi media grid for family television and radio programming
  • Advising on programming, pre-production and production
  • Training Women for Future to develop their own family programming




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